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At Bo Bech Restaurant Paustian in Copenhagen the visionary Danish chef Bo Bech rewrote the rules of the Nordic kitchen, setting the bar so high that his friend and fellow chef René Redzepi says this was the most interesting place in Europe to eat. Period. Bech’s first book What Does Memory Taste Like? documents seven exhilarating years as an enfant terrible at the cutting edge of cuisine, with anecdotes, essays, and even some recipes. Ten, in fact, although the 78 pages devoted to The Avocado Dish are more likely to serve as a primer on how to eat with our whole and best selves, mindful of every morsel, than to actually make the iconic dish.

Part cookbook, part memoir, the book written and photographed by Bech was one of Esquire magazine’s favourite cookbooks of 2017, ‘both a time capsule and a future promise’. Bech calls it a foodoir; a sensory missile to an earlier moment in one’s life, that makes you remember something remarkable shared with others or yourself. It’s his love letter to a profession that has brought him such joy. A cookbook that makes the reader want to go to the kitchen or fire and do something. ‘If you read my cookbook and feel like cooking, then both you and I have won.’


“He broke the norms; it was so liberating to eat at Bo’s.”

Rasmus Kofoed, Geranium


Editor, words, recipes, food photography

Bo Bech


Clothbound / Limited Edition / Hardback / English

316 pages